Anxiety and I

On the website, they say that 15% of the UK’s population suffer from Anxiety in some form or another and those of us that do suffer are often told to “snap out of it”. I can’t say enough how true this is, there have been so many times when I’ve been anxious about something, worried that someone has died in a terrible accident or is going to leave me and the response I get is “have you been to the doctors?” or “stop worrying, you worry too much”. Oh, if only it was that simple.


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Lush Loves

My latest obsession is with Lush and it’s getting out of hand. It’s now got to the point on boxing day I spent 3 hours just trying to get on their website – for someone with as little patience as myself, thats dedication.

We had a new bathroom fitted recently so I’ve very much become a bath person, more for the sake that it’s an excuse to buy another Lush bath bomb!

Bath bombs and boxing day sales aside, I thought I’d share with you some of current faves…


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5 Things I Love | January

January is always such a long month. I’m constantly tired, feel so unhealthy and in need of a holiday. My skin has given up on me and I’m counting down the days until summer. Thankfully, these 5 things are keeping me on track…


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My Beauty Must Haves

I love shopping for beauty products. Every time I go to town with my boyfriend I have to warn him that we’ll be venturing in to Boots at some point and it’s always met with a long sigh.

Normally the Boots experience is me having the time of my life, trying out anything and everything, reading every label, whilst my boyfriend, like all other boyfriends in Boots, is wishing he was elsewhere.

Having combination skin, I find it so hard to find products that work for my whole face. Something that works really well on my t-zone ends up drying out the rest of my skin and vice versa.

But, thank the lord, I’m finally finding products I love. These are my beauty must-haves.


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Are you giving your skin what it wants? 💋

There are 100’s and 1000’s of different skincare products out on the market these days all claiming to work wonders on your skin, it’s hard to know which ones do what and whether they work.

More than ever we are spoilt for choice. I personally own a variety of products, so many I could probably set up a new branch of Boots in my bedroom.

But what do they all do? What on earth is a nourishing cream and why would I be putting serum on my face?

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