Lush Loves

My latest obsession is with Lush and it’s getting out of hand. It’s now got to the point on boxing day I spent 3 hours just trying to get on their website – for someone with as little patience as myself, thats dedication.

We had a new bathroom fitted recently so I’ve very much become a bath person, more for the sake that it’s an excuse to buy another Lush bath bomb!

Bath bombs and boxing day sales aside, I thought I’d share with you some of current faves…


What is any Lush favourites list without Snow Fairy? Snow Fairy season comes round once a year, at Christmas. It’s not hard to see why it’s so popular, it has the most gorgeous smell and it’s pink. I had the Snow Fairy gift set for Christmas this year and it included a small shower gel and a mould your own Snow Fairy bubble bar. I swear I’m having to ration the shower gel to try and make it last longer. It just makes me smell so pretty.

I saw a girl with immaculate skin on Instagram the one day and saw that she used the Angels on Bare Skin Face Cleanser, and me – mid breakout – was desperate to try anything. When you go from a normal face cleanser to a Lush one, it’s a bit of adjustment. This one comes in a little tub, where the ingredients are crumbly and has dried lavenders on the top. It’s made up of Lavender and Rose oils, Almonds and Kaolin. This cleanser leaves my skin feeling cleaner and softer than any other that I’ve used before and when my skin does decide to play up and have a breakout it really helps to soothe it.

With this one I jumped on the ‘coffee is good for your skin’ bandwagon – Cup O’Coffee Face Mask. It’s an exfoliating mask, with ground coffee and other ingredients. I tend to use this one when my skin is looking dull and needs a little pick me up, which is alot during winter. Its also really good on the dry spots. Sometimes after I wash off face masks, they can leave my skin feeling soft but a little taught, I don’t get that with Lush Masks.

Rosy Cheeks Face Mask – I won’t bore you with why I love this one so much again but it’s included in my January Loves post.

Mint Julips Lip Scrub is a life saver, it’s mint chocolate chip scented for starters which smells heavenly and is a miracle worker during winter months and pre matte lipstick usage. You just take a small amount of scrub and rub it into your lips and voila! soft, un-chapped lips! I tend to put the Yu-Be moisturiser on after to maintain the softness but you don’t need to do this and it keeps your lips moiturised anyway.

And finally, when I feel like an extra treat and a bit more pampering, I use Dream Steam – Steamer Tab. You just get a bowl of hot water, pop in the tablet and steam your face with a tea towel over your head. It’s a little hard to breathe to start with, but you get the hang of it after a minute or so and that’s when you can really relax. I normally steam for about 10-15mins and this one has Rose in which is an extra treat for your skin!

Do you have any Lush recommendations?

Love X


4 thoughts on “Lush Loves

  1. I use the ultrabland cleanser. It’s done miracles for my skin, but next time I go I’ll have to ask for a few samples of what you mentioned! I really like the yuzu shower body wash they have, and the in-shower lotion. I wish I knew the names off the top of my head for you!

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