5 Things I Love | January

January is always such a long month. I’m constantly tired, feel so unhealthy and in need of a holiday. My skin has given up on me and I’m counting down the days until summer. Thankfully, these 5 things are keeping me on track…


The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking is my first January love. A little confession, it’s been my love for a little while now. My friend at work showed it to me a few months back and i’ve been obsessed ever since. If you love cosy winter nights, candles and great food you’ll love this little danish dream.

In this book, Meik shares the ‘The Danish Way to Live Well’ and the art of Hygge, which in itself is tricky to explain. But he does it so well, enticing you in with humour and making you envious of the danish lifestyle. If you’re not the biggest fan of winters then this book is definitely for you! There are recipes, ‘Hygge on the Cheap’ and even how to have a ‘Hygge Christmas’ alongside gorgeous photography!

The cold, copius amounts of food and one too many cocktails have left my skin feeling a little worse for wear so Rosy Cheeks Face Mask from Lush is a beauty. Not only does it smell heavenly but it goes on like velvet. I can’t get enough of it at the moment! This mask needs to be kept in the fridge due to it’s fresh ingredients and has Calamine powder in which helps to soothe the skin and remove redness. I’m obsessed with Lush in general at the moment, but this mask is my favourite.


I think I got Yu-Be Moisturiser in a BirchBox a few months back. The sample size that came was dinky and I didn’t really use it at the time. I was out of my normal moisturiser the one day and this little tester was the only thing I had to hand. Oh my lord, it’s incredible. The dinky sample lasted about 4 months and I used it pretty much every day trying to save my lips from the annual winter dryness. Before it even ran out I had to buy a full size tube which was only £15 from Asos.com.  *If you’re quick you can get it for £11.99 in the sale!*

The tube says ‘Head-To-Toe’ hydration and for best results use before bedtime. There is a camphor scent (apparently similar to Rosemary?!) and when it’s first applied has a white colour which is quickly absorbed by the skin. If you’re looking for a miracle worker this winter, then this is definitely for you.

Mom jeans. Need I say more?! I definitely over indulged this christmas and my slighter larger tummy is happily reminding me everyday. Skinny jeans just don’t cut it, not in January. They’re too tight and uncomfortable – that’s where mom jeans come in. I got mine in the Boxing Day sales from New Look for a bargain price of £12!! They’re high waisted and without a doubt the most comfortable item of clothing I own. I’m not sure I wear them in the most fashionable way, but never mind!

My last January love is NYX Lingerie in ‘Lace Detail’. This colour is perfect for winter, an ever so slightly peachy nude matte lipstick. Personally I don’t find the NYX Lingerie dries out my lips too much (I use Yu-Be as a base). The colour lasts for ages and withstands food and drinks. It’s a great day and night colour and looks great with a tan. I have NYX Lingerie in a couple more colours, one being ‘Teddy’ which is a dark brown colour but i’m saving this for a night out.

So those are my 5 Things I Love for this month. It’s always so hard to choose just the 5 things as there are countless things that I rave about on a daily basis. Do you have any January favourites?

Love X



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