My Beauty Must Haves

I love shopping for beauty products. Every time I go to town with my boyfriend I have to warn him that we’ll be venturing in to Boots at some point and it’s always met with a long sigh.

Normally the Boots experience is me having the time of my life, trying out anything and everything, reading every label, whilst my boyfriend, like all other boyfriends in Boots, is wishing he was elsewhere.

Having combination skin, I find it so hard to find products that work for my whole face. Something that works really well on my t-zone ends up drying out the rest of my skin and vice versa.

But, thank the lord, I’m finally finding products I love. These are my beauty must-haves.


My ultimate must have is Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clearing Gel. If you know me personally, I’ve probably recommended this product to you at least once (or twice!). I love it. A couple of years ago I had really bad acne on my chin. It really knocked my confidence. I had just started seeing my boyfriend and I hated showing my face to him, so many times I would go home and cry about it. The more stressed out I would get about them, the worse they got. It was a vicious circle! After doing a little searching online, I came across the Anti Blemish Gel and everywhere I read it was getting 4 to 5 star reviews, there was barely any bad ones. At this point I had tried everything, Proactiv dried out my skin like you wouldn’t believe, so I was a bit reluctant to think that this was a miracle in a bottle like the reviews said. But, nonetheless I purchased. Oh my god, thank god I did. Immediately I noticed my skin was clearing up and didn’t dry out my skin like other products did. These days, I only have to apply it to the odd spot that appears and it instantly gets to work! It’s £20 for a little bottle, but it is worth every penny.

From reading my blogs you’d probably think I’m a Nip + Fab ambassador (I wish!). I can’t tell you enough how in love I am with their products and how hard it is to pick out my favourites. But, the Deep Cleansing Fix definitely stands out. It is described as a;

“multi-purpose cleansing cream that gently melts away make-up + purifies skin for a clear + fresh complexion. A 6-in-1 beauty must-have, this luxurious cream cleanser works to deep cleanse pores while nourishing + awakening the skin with an energising, uplifting eucalyptus scent.”

I tend to leave a thin layer on, every other night and wake up with silky smooth skin. I’ve noticed since using it that my skin tone is more even and blemishes are kept to a minimum. Using it over night I don’t always have to moisturise in the morning. Whenever my skin needs an extra little pick me up, I leave a thick layer on my skin for about 10 minutes and it works wonders.

T-Zone Nose Pore Strips. I, like most people, occasionally get the dreaded blackheads on my nose. It seems no amount of exfoliation or cleansing can keep them at bay, you always get the pesky things popping it up at some point! And when they do, this nose strips are my saviour! They’re really easy to use, don’t irritate my skin, not overly strong dig out all the blackheads. Though, when peeling away, they make my eyes water a little, but it’s worth it in the end :).

Garnier’s Micellar Water is a new edition to my beauty regime. It’s un-perfumed so perfect for the more sensitive skin types, and can be used in even the more delicate areas of your face. It “removes make-up, cleanses and soothes”. Not only does it get rid of even the heaviest layers of make up, it leaves my skin feeling so fresh and hydrated after. I normally use this with a cotton pad and there is no need to rinse your face after… bonus!!

As part of the Rimmel London Kate Moss Nudes Collection there is a Lip Conditioning Balm. If like me, you enjoy a cheeky nude lipstick every now and then, this is a product worth investing in.  Dry lips and nude lipsticks don’t go! The conditioning balm gives your lips an instant moisture boost and leaves them with an irresistible shine. You can wear this alone, or pair with your favourite lipstick.

Finally, I recently did a blog post reviewing Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation. At the time of reviewing it, I was still unsure if I truly liked the product. A couple of weeks on, I’ve warmed to it. I still don’t find that it lasts 12 hours, but I really like the coverage. It is sooooo good, and the colour is perfection. It doesn’t clog my skin and works really well with the other products I use on my face. A little advice is to carry round a beauty blender, a few little dabs throughout the day helped with the durability, but overall this is a great foundation!

Thats all my beauty must-have’s for now. As I like to try new things, they’ll probably have changed next month, so keep an eye out 😉

What are your favourite products? What would you recommend? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

Love X



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