Are you giving your skin what it wants? 💋

There are 100’s and 1000’s of different skincare products out on the market these days all claiming to work wonders on your skin, it’s hard to know which ones do what and whether they work.

More than ever we are spoilt for choice. I personally own a variety of products, so many I could probably set up a new branch of Boots in my bedroom.

But what do they all do? What on earth is a nourishing cream and why would I be putting serum on my face?

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Day-to-day your skin goes through so much and sometimes it needs a little bit of extra care. Giving your skin that little bit of love can help prevent any signs of fatigue and premature ageing.

I’m going to talk you through a few different types of skin care products just so you get a feel for what your skin needs and what you should be using.

I’m going to start with Nourishing Creams. They go above and beyond your typical moisturiser which simply hydrates your skin. If your skin is looking dull, dry or mature, you should be using a nourishing cream. It is recommended on my course that you shouldn’t be using nourishing creams before the age of 30 as your skin doesn’t need extra Lipids. If you’re out looking for a nourishing cream, you will see that the majority of them are marketed as an anti-ageing solution.  These creams should be applied at night as some of the ingredients do not react too well with UV rays and can damage your skin, we don’t want that! So take care with these products.

IMG_1535Nourishing Creams from Lancome & Nivea

I’m 25 and I’ve already bought into the whole eye cream fad. Potentially because it was part of a 3 for 2 offer and I couldn’t resist… but, none the less I’ve been using it ever since. Eye creams can help prevent or reduce sagging, dehydration and wrinkles that appear around the eyes, anything that can help prevent the dreaded crows feet from making an appearance sounds good to me! You may be thinking that you use a moisturiser, so why use an eye cream too? well it’s a simple as, moisturisers just don’t cut it. The area around your eyes is much more delicate and therefore needs a little extra TLC, there are various eye creams out there packed with all sorts of ingredients to help the area around your eyes in different ways so I would recommend shopping around for the right eye cream to suit your needs.

AF5122A9-2384-48B9-B7C2-7547AE38B3FFI love this Nivea eye cream! I use it daily by applying a few spots under each eye and gently patting it in to the skin. But I really want to try this one from Benefit!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few years, you will have most definitely heard someone rave about a serum of some form. These seem to be the must have skincare product of the moment. Serums tend to be of high concentration and value, that target a specific action. Whether it be age defying, a moisture boost or glow enhancing that you’re after, there is a serum out there for you! Serums tend to have a smooth (almost oily) texture, which is absorbed quickly and penetrates deep in to the skin. Unlike a moisturiser which can often form a heavy barrier. Due to all the active ingredients in a serum, the price can be higher. However, you usage should be limited to one or two drops therefore making a bottle last for months.

DF8216C6-D715-4C20-9CAD-D66A0B25AAC0I’m an proud fan of all things Nip + Fab, but I’ve heard so many great reviews about this Serum from Loreal.

Serums aren’t for everyone, they can cause irritation if you have certain skin condition like eczema et al. and can potentially cause irritation if applied to wet skin. Always follow the instructions on the packaging and be prepared to delve deeper into those pockets of yours… but trust me, they are totally worth it!

Sunscreen isn’t just for those girls holidays in Ibiza! Celebrities from Jennifer Lopez to Julia Roberts all swear by using sunscreen, even inside! Sunscreen helps protect the skin from UVA rays which penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin causing ageing and at worst case… skin cancer. UVA penetrates through glass, so don’t get thinking you’re safe inside! It can also protect against UVB rays, which effect the top layers of the skin. UVB rays cause redness, sunburn (ouchie) and pre-disposition to cancer. It is easier to see when you have been effected by UVB rays as they cause the most visible reactions. Don’t worry ladies, with the right sunscreen you can still get that gorgeous glowing tan, without causing damage to your skin. Failing that… fake it up!

14EC85A2-4A45-4B92-83A0-A8E46B92B7C9Benefit and Piz Buin Sunscreen

Scrubs. Perfect pre-tanning exfoliator or a simple skin smoother. Scrubs help to remove all those pesky dead skin cells. There are 2 types of scrubs;

  1.  Fine scrubs which are suitable for sensitive and normal skin
  2. A courser type for oily or combination skin

This is another product where there is an emerging variety to choose from, whether it be sugar, salt or coffee scrub they all have their benefits. Scrubs should be applied with a little elbow grease to ensure you’re getting all the benefits, but once you’re done you’ll have skin as smooth as the day you were born! Do make sure you’re getting a grain type to suit you’re skin as you don’t want to end up irritating it.

9CA23DA4-5D86-43E9-9075-F81FF4A4310FI love this ultimate Salt Scrub by Sanctuary, but I’m so looking forward to trying this coffee scrub! 

Every one loves a face mask. No girly pamper night would be complete without one! I have a whole collection of them and sometimes tempt my boyfriend in to a pamper night too! Face masks penetrate through all the layers of skin to nourish, cleanse and smooth in a deep and effective way. Though, due to the high concentration, they can be damaging if used too often, so save these for when you need that extra little pick me up! There are so many face masks available, again all boasting of different benefits, so you are certainly spoilt for choice!

046084CF-E60C-499A-BFD6-0013D17C7029This Body Shop Tea Tree Mask is my go to – It leaves my skin feeling so refreshed, clean and smooth! 

I’m going to leave it there for now, I feel like I’ve chatted a way for ages! There are also cosmetic and medical dermatological treatments – but we’ll save these for another day!

What are your favourite skin care products? Leave a comment below!

Thank you for reading!

Love X




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