What’s Your Skin Type?💋

I’ve always struggled with skin types. For years I couldn’t determine what mine was, I’m convinced it kept changing!

This is why I was pleasantly surprised when the first module of my Makeup Artistry course was ‘Skin Types’.

Hopefully this blog post will shed some light on the type of skin you have, how you should care for it and what type of products you should be using.


I’m going to start with ‘Normal’ skin. This is skin type I long for and seems like the least hassle. If you have a ‘Normal’ skin type, you are likely to have less skin problems… you lucky devil! If you have healthy and flawless looking skin then this is your skin type. It also tends to feel a little softer and smoother. Here, it’s good to find a moisturiser and toner that doesn’t contain alcohol as this can dry out the skin. A great product is Nivea Daily Essentials Express Hydration Primer for Normal Skin, this costs about £5 and leaves skin feeling so beautiful and hydrated.

Combination Skin. The bane of my life. I would consider myself a sufferer of combination skin. You can tell if you have combination skin if your skin looks plump and your t-zone is oily. This skin type is different as it is better to use 2 different products, treating your t-zone separately. I love Simple products as they are kind on the skin, I’ve been using Simple Soothing Facial Toner for years now and it’s a product I can’t seem to move away from. I use it after taking my makeup off and before I get in to bed I apply a thin layer of Nip+Fab Deep Cleanser, avoiding the T-Zone. Revlon do a great foundation for this skin type. Revlon ColourStay for Combination/Oily Skin is fantastic, not only is it great coverage but it also really compliments this skin type.

Dry skin can occur due to the lack of water you’re having. This is actually the best cure for it, for years I’ve been piling copious amounts of heavy face creams on to my dry skin, when all I needed to do is drink up! It’s fairly easy to see dry skin so if you really need to apply a product, make sure that it is water based. Neutrogenas oil-free range is good for this.

Plump, shiny and wet to touch. Yep, it’s Oily Skin. The only advantage to this skin type is that it delays wrinkles, hoorah! Water or gel based creams are ideal for oily skin. I really like Garnier Moisture Matte, a little tube of wonder for just £4.

The final skin type is Sensitive skin, if you have sensitive skin then you know how prone you are to irritation. It’s a struggle to find products that sit well with this skin type, if you irritate it, redness and spots can occur. Sensitive skin can also have a scaly appearance particularly in the areas around the nose and eyebrows. If you have sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to avoid the sun, this can cause the skin to dry out and tighten up. Also, stay clear of products containing alcohol. You want to get products that have soothing ingredients in, The Body Shop’s ‘Aloe’ range is perfect for this. They have a range of products for you to try, from creams and toners to face wash and deodorant.

That’s it for skin types! Hopefully by now you know which type you have, there’s so many products out there that you will always find something that works for you.

The 3 things to remember if you want healthy skin are;

  • Remove makeup properly and cleanse your skin regularly.
  • Use products and moisturisers that suit your skin type.
  • Protect your skin from things like the sun, wind, air con etc. All of which can damage your skin.

Have you got a particular product that works wonders for your skin? I’d love to hear… leave a comment 🙂

My next blog post will be about makeup removal.

Love X

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8 thoughts on “What’s Your Skin Type?💋

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  3. This has been really useful!! Until now I wasn’t sure what type of skin I had but I’ve been able to identify what skin type I have and how best to deal with it going forward! I suffer from a little acne on my chin so some advice on that and what products I should use/avoid would be very useful!
    Thankyou!! X

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